Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The QU-Bit Nebulae Alternate Instrument Walkthru by LavLab

Not for the casual listener....
A brief sampling of several of the alternate instruments 
available for use on the QU-Bit Nebulae.
More on those here:

Also featured as a modulation source is the 
Make Noise Wogglebug.
More on that here:

****not associated with either company nor did I write the patches/instruments,
 just enjoying the devices.

       Sorry for all the rackettt!!! 

Video & manipulations by LavLab
Recorded with Nikon DSLR

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Machines play I Feel Love

The Machines play I Feel Love, originally by Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder.  Roland MV-8000 controlling Ensoniq TS-10, Novation Bass Station and modular synth. Programming, mixing, filming by LavLab. Filmed with GoPro & Nikon.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Machines play Linus and Lucy

Vince Guaraldi's Linus and Lucy from A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack played by Roland MV-8000, Ensoniq TS-10, Novation Bass Station, Modular Synthesizer & various effects. Programming/mixing and filming/editing by LavLab. Filmed with GoPro & Nikon DSLR.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Machines do The Imperial March

The Imperial March from the original Star Wars soundtrack performed by Roland MV-8000, Ensoniq TS-10 and Novation Bass Station. Conducted & filmed by LavLab. 
Assisted by BB-8. Filmed with GoPro & Nikon DSLR

Sunday, November 27, 2016

LavLab enters the Wogglebug

LavLab experimenting with the Make Noise Wogglebug. The Qu-Bit Nebulae & Voice of Saturn are also featured. Filmed with GoPro.

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Machines do Crockett's Theme

Crockett's Theme by Jan Hammer from The Miami Vice soundtrack performed by
Roland MV-8000, Ensoniq TS-10, Novation Bass Station & various effects.
Programming, mixing & video by LavLab - Filmed with GoPro

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Machines play John Carpenter's Halloween

Theme to Halloween by John Carpenter played by Roland MV-8000 & Ensoniq TS-10 with various effects. Programming, mixing & video by LavLab. Filmed with GoPro.

Monday, August 8, 2016

New Contributor

HostileSlothRecords welcomes Photoggablogga as new blog contributor.
You can check out Photoggablogga here: Photoggablogga

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Machines play The Simpsons

Theme to The Simpsons sequenced on the Roland MV-8000 with sounds coming from the 
Ensoniq TS-10 & MV-8000. Mixed on an Allen & Heath GL2000. Filmed with GoPro.

Friday, March 18, 2016

LavLab and the Vowels Synth

LavLab with the Nebulae Vowels Synth running thru the Novation Bass Station. Sequenced by Doepfer, LFO by Voice of Saturn. Filter is Dave Smith Instruments DSM-01. Filmed with GoPro

LavLab Spaced Out

Experimenting with Qu-bit Nebulae, EHX 8-Step program and some effects from Boss & Ensoniq. Filmed with GoPro